Public Art and Civic Engagement

Magnifying the vibrant voices of our city through public art

Mural Arts was founded on the concept of sharing and amplifying the creative, dynamic voices of Philadelphians. As our work has grown, so too have the ways in which we achieve our mission.

Our Public Art and Civic Engagement projects stretch our own boundaries with art that surprises, delights, and engages a whole new generation of Philadelphians while staying true to Mural Arts’ democratic, community-driven roots. Through creativity, innovation, and the inclusion of many partners across the city, we create a visual autobiography of our city and a map for our future.

It was such a blast getting to know everyone. We were all working towards the same goal so we really became a team. Everyone worked so hard, and it pushed us to keep going.

Jessie Unterhalter, co-creator of Summer Kaleidoscope Read the Interview

works of public art are created annually


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Public Art and Civic Engagement encompasses the projects that are independent of our core program areas. Within this program area, we create artworks that are responsive to community histories and current needs, helping to envision what each story looks like on the wall or in the designated public space. We also develop work that is fueled by the endless creativity of artists, connecting those who are interested in the social practice aspect of our work with neighborhoods that are ready for introspection and action. We preserve our collection of iconic murals for future generations, ensuring that the vital histories behind those artworks will be shared for years to come. We also build bridges between past projects and future innovations, with a continued focus on telling the incredible stories of our city through profound public art.

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