Apply For a Mural

Community Mural Application 

Philadelphia is known worldwide as the “City of Murals,” in large part because of the work of Mural Arts Philadelphia, the nation’s largest public art program. For over 30 years, and in partnership with city agencies, schools, businesses, and philanthropies, Mural Arts has united artists and communities through a collaborative and equitable process, creating nearly 4,000 artworks that have transformed public spaces and individual lives. Mural Arts aims to empower people, stimulate dialogue, and build bridges to understanding with projects that attract artists from Philadelphia and around the world, and programs that focus on youth education, restorative justice, mental health and wellness, and public art and its preservation.

Our community-driven mural making process builds on these principles of collaboration and equity, and is open to every individual in Philadelphia. The information below details how you or your community group can request a mural, and takes you through the process we use to decide what murals get painted each year.

To complete the application, you will need to provide information about:

  • Your organization
  • The proposed project and its significance to the community
  • The suggested location
  • Your community and its commitment to this project

Important Application Information 

  • The established annual deadlines for mural applications are March 15 and November 15. Selected mural projects will be announced by May 15 for the March deadline and January 15 for the November deadline.
  • Mural requests are accepted throughout the year; however, all applications will be reviewed at the established deadlines indicated above.
  • THERE IS NO WAITING LIST! Unless you have heard from Mural Arts in writing that you are receiving a mural based on a past application, you must submit a new application in order for your mural request to be reconsidered.

To be considered in the next application round, complete the attached application and submit it to Mural Arts by close of business on the day of the deadline.


If you can answer YES to most of the questions below, you are in a good position to proceed with the application!

  • Have I talked to my neighbors and/or community groups about a mural?
  • Have I identified a wall that faces traffic and does not peel, crack or have leaks?
  • Have I tried to speak with the wall owner and/or obtain permission for a mural on that wall?
  • Do I have a fabulous idea for the mural that will be meaningful for the whole community?
  • Am I able to work with Mural Arts Staff to have at least three to five (3-5) meetings about the mural?
  • Have I made a firm commitment to maintain the area around the mural with my neighbors?
  • Did I include a photograph of the wall with my application?


Online Application 

Section 1: Community & Organizational Support

Mural Arts is interested in working with non-traditional or new organizations, as well as more established groups. These include but are not limited to organizations that have no staff but a strong community volunteer base, a membership that is not english speaking, organizations lacking access to a computer or professional staff, schools, recreation centers, communities of faith, businesses, block clubs, and scout troops.

Section 2: Wall Availability

A wall must already be selected for your project to be considered. Should your application be selected, Mural Arts will work with you to ensure the quality and suitability of your pre-selected wall. Please do the best you can to identify the wall owner. Inability to get owner permission or to assess if the wall is structurally suitable will not be used against your application if your project is otherwise sound.

Size Limit 450k. Accepted files include, jpg, png or gif.

Section 3: Significance of Project

Section 4: Innovation

Questions? Call 215-685-0750 or email