Rec Crew

Sponsored by the City of Philadelphia’s Anti-Violence Community Expansion Grant and in partnership with Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, we have created a significant growth opportunity in the Rec Crew. This group of Guild and Women’s Reentry Program graduates works at Rec Centers around the city, revitalizing community spaces and assisting with mural installations. Throughout 2022, the Rec Crew has completed projects at the following Rec Centers around the City of Philadelphia:


  • Hank Gathers: The Legacy Continues dedication, December 9, 2022. Photo by Steve Weinik.

  • Franklin's Kite © 2023 City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / Nathaniel Lee, Eakins Oval, 2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Photo by Steve Weinik.

  • Swimphilly: Christy Recreation Center © 2023 City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / Gabe Tiberino, Christy Recreation Center, 56th & Christian Streets. Photo by Steve Weinik.

  • Coded by Kids dedication at Smith Playground, June 14, 2022. Photo by Steve Weinik.

  • 2021-067, Community Murals, Final, Harrowgate, North Philadelphia, Parks and Recreation, Rebuild Philadelphia, Scanlon Recreation Center

  • Where we Play Together © 2008 City of Philadlephia Mural Arts Program / Desireé Bender, Finnegan Recreation Center, 1231 South 30th Street. Photo by Mural Arts Staff.

  • Belfield Recreation Center © 2023 City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / Shaun Durbin, Belfield Recreation Center, 2109 West Chew Avenue. Photo by Steve Weinik.

  • Franklin's Kite in-process, June 30, 2023. Photo by Steve Weinik.

  • The Garden (restoration) © 2013 City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / Delia King, 12th & Cambria Recreation Center. Photo by Steve Weinik.

  • Movement Blooms From The Heart © 2023 City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / Josh Sarantitis, 48th and Woodland. Photo by Steve Weinik.

  • East Poplar Playground and Underpass
  • Hank Gathers Rec Center
  • McVeigh Rec Center
  • Scanlon Pool
  • J. Finnegan Playground
  • Belfield Rec Center
  • Smith Playground
  • The Oval
  • Tustin Basketball Court
  • Amos Playground
  • 12th and Cambria Rec Center
  • Cione Rec Center
  • Christy Rec Center
  • 48th & Woodland “Johnson’s” Playground
  • McCreesh Rec Center

In preparation for the summer 2023 season, the Rec Crew began working with TinyWPA to build and paint ten new pool decks at Rec Center pools.

Through mural making, carpentry, and other creative projects, program participants are guided by artists and other skilled professionals to transform their neighborhoods and themselves. Job readiness, through the development of life skills and mentorship, is an essential element of the curriculum. Participants have also built personal and professional growth plans, which include communications, teamwork, critical thinking, problem-solving, digital etiquette, and essential job entry skills like résumé-building and interview preparation to help participants secure future employment.


City Of Philadelphia Anti-Violence Community Expansion Grant [CEG]
Hummingbird Foundation
PA Commission On Crime and Delinquency