We believe that art ignites change.

Family Interrupted (restoration) © 2023 City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / Eric Okdeh, 709 West Dauphin Street. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Together, we create art that transforms places, individuals, communities, and institutions.

In 1984, the Anti-Graffiti Network hired artist Jane Golden to reach out to graffiti writers and redirect their talents into public art making. In addressing the citywide problem of graffiti, Mural Arts’ collective artmaking process became a powerful tool for generating dialogue, building relationships, empowering communities, and sparking economic revitalization. That collaborative process still drives our work today: art is the building block for community dialogue and action, and the catalyst for exploring creative solutions to society-wide challenges.

With a robust portfolio of 50–100 public art projects each year and ongoing core programs in education, restorative justice, mental health, and public art and civic engagement, Mural Arts’ work and the incredible resulting outdoor gallery are an inseparable, iconic part of the city’s civic landscape.


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