Mural Arts Institute

The Mural Arts Institute is dedicated to knowledge sharing, field building, and expanding innovation within the field of socially engaged art. We have 30+ years of experience in this field, and we believe we can be of value to those who see potential for this practice in their cities.

For Mural Arts Philadelphia, the Institute is both an opportunity to share and an opportunity to learn. In this program we:

  • Serve as a connector and convener through multi-city initiatives and symposia
  • Help design visionary, art-based approaches to cities’ most urgent challenges and opportunities
  • Offer technical assistance that saves time and resources for those just starting out
  • Host individuals and groups for deep, customized learning experiences in Philadelphia
  • Bring new ideas and practices to Philadelphia through visits from outside experts
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It was much more than an artist workshop. This will help me move my abilities as a professional artist to the next level.

- Mural Arts Institute 2017 workshop participant

Mural Arts Institute, Art of Sustainability Symposium, October 2018. Photo by Steve Weinik.

What does this work look like? Specific expertise offered to clients includes (but is not limited to):

  • Artist recruitment, selection, and management
  • Murals, mosaics, and other public art production techniques
  • Project management tools and guidelines
  • Designing projects to achieve social and economic impact
  • Integrating public art projects with robust engagement programs
  • Structuring long-term creative place-making strategies
  • Building and managing public/private partnerships
  • Leveraging resources and fundraising
  • Telling the story: evaluation, documentation, and communication
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Through 2019, we’re working with groups in Akron, Ohio; Memphis, Tennessee; and Detroit, Michigan through our Art & Environment Capacity-Building Initiative. Click here to learn more.

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If your organization is interested in working with the Institute, please email Netanel Portier, Mural Arts Institute Director, at

If you are a funder interested in the Institute’s offerings for current or potential grantees, please contact Caitlin Butler, Mural Arts Philadelphia’s Chief Strategy Officer, at