Mural Arts’ projects and initiatives provides an opportunity for recognition and visibility for corporations, organizations, and individuals.


Mural Arts makes an impact: programs and projects annually engage more than 25,000 participants, while docent-led tours offer 15,000 individuals exposure to our collection, and 85,000+ followers view our work online. Each year, we produce 50 to 100 public art projects involving a range of people, sites, and issues in Philadelphia. Projects respond to 1) needs and opportunities articulated by civic leaders or identified in neighborhood plans; 2) project applications from community leaders; 3) topics relevant to youth and vulnerable adults in our three program areas: Art Education, Restorative Justice, and Behavioral Health.

In addition to supporting accessible art and amplifying community voices, sponsorship of Mural Arts’ projects and initiatives provides an opportunity for recognition and visibility for corporations, organizations, and individuals.


Micro to Macro © 2014 Mural Arts Philadelphia / Benjamin Volta. Morton McMichael Elementary School, 3543 Fairmount Avenue.

STEAM Mural Initiative 

Leading up to the 2019 BIO International Convention, Mural Arts Philadelphia and leaders from Philadelphia’s biotechnology and business sectors have launched a three-year public art and education initiative through our Arts Integration program that will produce 6 to 8 beautiful works of art, tap into the power of adding art the STEM education (STEAM), and create a dynamic space for students to envision a future in biotechnology and other STEAM fields.

The initiative targets youth, community members, and stakeholders in the local STEAM-related sectors through three main project components: youth programming, public art, and public engagement.

Donate today and help us connect with even more students throughout the city! Corporate sponsorship levels range from $15,000 to $150,000 paid in multi-year installments.


Educational Programming

  • $102,000 supports in-school arts integration model for one year*
  • $25,000 for one year after-school programming
  • $27,000 one year of in-school programming, including two youth-designed murals
  • $50,000 for significant artist-led mural project**

Biotech Signature Mural Project

  • $75,000 supports large-scale, Center City biotech mural by artist Ben Volta
  • Highly-visible location
  • Engagement opportunities and community paint days available
  • Dedication leading up to 2019 BIO International Convention
* Mural arts also offers a two-year version of our in-school arts integration model for a total cost of $154,000.
** Additional funds may also increase scale of mural projects. Pledges to support new sites and projects must be made by February 2018.

Contributions to the STEAM Mural Initiative at this time can go toward opening new school sites next year, expanding the scale of mural planned this year, or supporting a major Center City mural by Ben Volta focused on biotech themes and images, created in collaboration with our partners.

Donate today and designate your gift to the STEAM Mural Initiative to be part of this exciting project! Current supporters include CSL Behring, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Rockland Immunochemicals, Life Sciences Pennsylvania, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, and SAPA-GP.

To submit payment for sponsorship, a check can be made out to Mural Arts Advocates and sent to our office (address below). Please include STEAM Mural Initiative in the memo.

Mural Arts Philadelphia
1727-29 Mount Vernon Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130

For additional information regarding support of the STEAM Mural Initiative and to see full corporate sponsorship packet with detailed corporate benefits, please contact Naima Murphy, Manager of Individual and Corporate Giving at naima.murphy@muralarts.org.

Wall Ball 2017. Photo by Steve Weinik.


Wall Ball is our annual fundraiser and a key source of support for the work we do year-round. Each spring, 700 corporate leaders, public officials, community members, artists, and philanthropists gather to celebrate the work of Mural Arts and to network with friends and colleagues. Wall Ball is a not-to-be-missed event with great food, entertainment, and unique opportunities to meet our staff, artists, and students.


Photo by Steve Weinik.


Every October, Mural Arts leads a month-long celebration of Philadelphia’s people and communities. Mural Arts Month programming takes place nearly every day throughout the month and includes a variety of innovative and exciting opportunities for people to learn, create, and connect.


Paint Day, February 2016. Photo by Steve Weinik.


We create more than 50 public art projects on a yearly basis. Projects explore numerous themes, target diverse constituents, and result in outcomes ranging from corridor revitalization to youth leadership.


Porch Light Program hub in Northeast Philadelphia. Photo by Steve Weinik.


Mural Arts’ many innovative programs and initiatives target some of Philadelphia’s long-standing and profoundly challenging social issues, such as lack of access to art education in our public school system, mass incarceration, public safety concerns, and issues around mental health needs and disabilities. We enjoy helping individuals identify connections between their philanthropic priorities and our programmatic work.