Apr 17, 2018

Choose Your Own Adventure, Mural Edition

by: Laura Kochman

Our community-focused process usually involves attending community meetings, talking to civic leaders, canvassing the neighborhood, and generally getting on the ground in any way that we can. We like to make sure that the community is on board and excited. But when a new project with the Delaware River Port Authority took shape, we knew we had to find another way of starting the conversation—we’re painting murals in Philadelphia’s 5th Street Tunnels this summer, and people from all over the city and region use those tunnels every day.

So we took to the virtual streets! There are six design finalists (two for the pedestrian tunnels, and four for the vehicular tunnels), and we need your help to pick the final two designs. The DRPA oversees the historic Ben Franklin Bridge that rises above the tunnels, and the muralists were asked to create designs that honor the service of the behind-the-scenes bridge workers, both past and present. It’s all about stewardship, service, and community, brightening these everyday spaces that connect so many people.

Click through the slideshow below for a sampling from the vehicular tunnel designs, and then head over to the virtual comment card to leave your feedback.

Which one should we pick? 

  • Design by Brad Carney & Melissa Mandel.

  • Design by Felix St. Fort.

  • Design by David Guinn.

  • Design by Mat Tomezsko.


Last updated: Apr 17, 2018

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Alicia Rennekamp says

We Like #4!

#1&3 are also a close second!