Jun 21

10 Murals to Propose In Front Of

by: Laura Kochman

It’s summer, everyone you’ve ever met is getting married, and your mom is on your case again. Forget all that. If you’re in love and you want to say it, this is for you.

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Love Letter © 2009 Steve Powers. Photo by Adam Wallacavage.

Steve Powers’ A Love Letter For You

You wouldn’t be the first person to propose in front of the Love Letters series—Meaghan and Todd made it official on our Market–Frankford line Love Letters tour—but let’s be honest: it’s too good to pass up.

Untitled mural by Greg Lamarche as part of the Reading Between the Lines series of projects and classes. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Greg Lamarche’s Untitled for Reading Between the Lines

Love is elementary. Make it simple. Say how you feel.

Mural dedication. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Isaac Lin’s Start From Here

This mural makes a bold backdrop, but it’s also an abstract reference to newness and beginnings, and building a new life together.

Staircases and Mountaintops: Ascending Beyond the Dream section by Jonny Buss. Photo by Mike Reali.

Willis Humphrey’s Staircases and Mountaintops

You’ve got solid communication skills and a partner who makes you laugh, but the future is unknown, so make a leap of faith.

Your Own Channel © 2017, City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / Derrick Adams. 6th and Norris Streets. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Derrick Adams’ Your Own Channel

Modern romance, right? You fell in love over text-message marathons, so why not propose in front of the heart-eyes emoji?

Untitled mural by Claudia "MadC" Walde for the Reading Between the Lines series of projects and classes. Photo by Steve Weinik.

MadC’s Untitled from Reading Between the Lines

Don’t make your romantic partner read between the lines! Stand in front of this splashy mural and shout your feelings.

The Electric Street © David Guinn. Photo by Steve Weinik.

David Guinn and Drew Billiau’s Electric Street

Overwhelmed by love as you wander through South Philadelphia at night, dip onto Percy Street just south of 9th and Wharton, ask a very important question, and feel your heart’s glow reflected on the wall behind you.

Tell the Truth © 2016 Mural Arts Philadelphia / Martha Rich. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Martha Rich’s Tell the Truth

Let’s be honest about our feelings.

Philos Adelphos by Saner Edgar. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Saner Edgar’s Philos Adelphos

This mural takes its inspiration from the meaning behind Philadelphia’s name, and its deeply saturated colors and intimate embrace are peak romance.

A portion of the Water Under the Bridge by Beth Clevenstine and Paul Santoleri. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Beth Clevenstine and Paul Santoleri’s Water Under the Bridge

These stained-glass-inspired mosaic steps are lush and calming. Sit down next to the one you love, hold their hand, and build a better world together.

Last updated: Jan 24, 2018

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joanna says

fantastic blog, i love the back drops beautiful.

Stephanie R. Diggs says

I can't quite explain it but the Mural Arts Program gives me hope for the future of humanity. This program's works makes me feel like I can breath again. Yes, It's THAT extreme! Art, for some, is a way of LIFE and for those of you who don't even realize it, it's a life savor. From the music you listen to, movies and plays you watch, right down to the way you pick your outfits out. Art, whether it be vocal or visual, consists of and influences all of those things. Thank you Mural Arts!!!!