Neighborhood Time Exchange: Meredith Degyansky

Photo by Steve Weinik.

About the Artist and Her Projects 

Meredith Degyansky, who goes by the nickname “The Work Intern,” is a student debtor, unpaid laborer, and artist who creates systems for paying off debt, redefining and valuing labor, and connecting people to one another through labor, food, and conversations about feelings. She specializes in graphic design, screen printing, film, and photography. She is interested in people and enjoyed getting to know the West Philadelphia communities.

Through the process of making work in the studio, I thought a lot about time and how time is spent in so many ways. During the residency, I spent a lot of time producing printed “monie” that may just get thrown in the trash. And I spent a lot of time working with and talking to members of the community. The latter moments can’t be documented or archived in any way and could be seen as time thrown in the trash. But the reality is that they will last longer than any paper money/monie ever will.