Meredith Degyansky

Her name is Meredith Degyansky but she goes by The Work Intern. Degyansky claims, “I’ve been interning at work for years.” After obtaining two higher education degrees from well-known universities, her life thereafter was comprised of unpaid internship after unpaid internship. Rather than bawking at the injustices of work and wage, The Work Intern decided she would honor this work and find alternative ways to be compensated for it. “Some people build roads, others ponder philosophical theory, and others bake cookies for their elderly neighbor. I’m interested in thinking of work as something we owe one another rather something that we use to define us”, Degyansky says. She went on to explain that she would like to abolish the 40-hour work week and the division of labor in exchange for a system of relationships among people where we exchange based on our skillsets where our needs and haves naturally align.

Last updated: Feb 24, 2016