Neighborhood Time Exchange: Black Quantam Futurism Collective

About the Artists and Their Work 

Camae Dennis and Rasheedah Phillips are collaborating on a project called Black Quantum Futurism (BQF) Collective that explores the intersections of futurism, literature, art, DIY-aesthetics, and activism in marginalized communities, as well as the collection and preservation of communal memories and stories. Forming in 2014, BQF Collective has created several communitybased events (including a zine brunch benefiting domestic violence survivors), collaborative musical tracks, and two collaborative zines (NonLocality metaphysics zine, and Secret Rivers DV awareness zine). Dennis specializes in photography, creative writing, and graphic design, and Phillips specializes in printmaking, creative writing, and exhibition curating.

Black Quantum Futurism Collective are zine makers. Black Quantum Futurism Collective had a great experience working with Martha Washington Elementary making a collaborative zine for the ACE after-school program. This work responds to our experience in the residency because we spent a lot of time thinking about the future of black people, so the work we made continues to talk about black people. In the neighborhood there is a heavy presence of black people so this art is our response