You Go Girl


You Go Girl by Jetsonarama and Ursula Rucker. Photo by Steve Weinik

  • location 1531 Ridge Avenue.
  • Neighborhood

    North Philadelphia

  • completion date

    June 06, 2014

About This Project 

In Spring of 2013, Mural Arts invited Arizona-based artist and physician, Jetsonorama, to Philadelphia to work with students at Sayre High School in West Philadelphia. An avid photographer, Jetsonorama lives and works in the Navajo Nation where he captures images of individuals and their communities on the Native American Reservation. After garnering attention from the street art world, he began traveling the world doing workshops and replicating his practice, using wheatpasted, enlarged black and white photographs to highlight and give voice to underrepresented individuals.

Upon arriving in Philadelphia, Jetsonorama was very interested in connecting with a local artist. He mentioned his admiration for poet and recording artist Ursula Rucker and the two quickly began working together. At Sayre, Jetsonorama captured student portraits while Rucker created a collaborative poem with the students, based on the theme of love. A series of large student portraits was created at Sayre High School with words from the poem overlaid. In response to Jetsonorama and Philadelphia’s admiration for Ursula, a second project was developed that celebrates Ursula’s influence and importance on Philadelphia’s creative and cultural landscape. The end result is a stunning, larger-than-life  portrait of Ursula Rucker with an excerpt of her well-known and inspirational poem,
“l. o. v. e.”


  • Chip Tomas and Ursula Rucker at the You Go Girl mural dedication. Photo by Steve Weinik

  • Mural dedication. Photo by Steve Weinik

  • Ursula Rucker performance at the mural dedication. Photo by Steve Weinik

  • Detail of You Go Girl, by Jetsonarama and Ursula Rucker. Photo by Steve Weinik.