Autumn Revisited

artist David Guinn

Autumn Revisited by David Guinn. Photo by Steve Weinik.

About the Project 

When new construction covered David Guinn’s original Autumn mural at 10th and Bainbridge, the neighborhood banded together to reimagine the mural elsewhere in the neighborhood. Palumbo Park, adjacent to the Fleisher Art Memorial on the 700 block of Catharine was chosen as the new home to Autumn.

Rear wall of Autumn Revisited. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Autumn Revisited covers two walls on opposite sides of the park. A low wall on the western edge depicts the silhouettes of children who play there during the day. On the opposite side of the park, the larger portion of the mural shows an autumn scene in a forest. A deer idly grazes in a golden landscape. The entrance to Fleisher is framed by ceramic tiles created by students and families in the neighborhood.

Sitting at the edge of a beloved neighborhood park will protect this mural from development for years to come.


City of Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development
Fleisher Art Memorial
Pennsylvania Horticultural Society