A recently restored classic

artist David Guinn

Spring by David Guinn (restored 2017). Photo by Steve Weinik.

  • location 1315 Pine Street
  • Neighborhood

    Center City

  • completion date

    May 01, 2000

About the Project 

Part of his Seasons series of projects, Guinn designed the mural to connect the trees on either side of the wall, on Pine Street and in the backyard of the house, as if there were a park in front of the wall rather than a parking lot.  The artist wanted to paint the trees crisply and in detail but at the same time have a soft and organic feel.  He was inspired by the idea of making soft forms out of discreet, hard-edged blocks of color. His hope for the squares was that they would allow the mural to be seen simultaneously as a flat abstraction of color and as having depth and space.

Originally painted in 2000, this classic mural has been restored twice in its lifetime.