Autumn (a.k.a. Your House in the Forest)

artist David Guinn

Autumn by David Guinn. Photo by Jack Ramsdale.

  • location 629 S 9th Street
  • Neighborhood

    Center City

  • completion date

    June 01, 2001

About the Project 

Third in artist David Guinn’s series of murals, Autumn shows a view of a forest in the fall.  According to the Guinn, it is an imaginary forest that people passing the mural can enter in their minds for a moment of calm, a place in the world that is both beautiful and bewildering.  The young girl in the painting is the daughter of the homeowner on whose wall the mural is displayed.

After the lot in front of the mural was developed, Guinn created Autumn Revisited at the Fleisher Art Memorial near 7th and Catharine Streets.


City of Philadelphia