We believe that art ignites change.

Together, we create art that transforms places, individuals, communities, and institutions.

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Apr 20
A Better World is Possible: A Porch Light Gun Buyback Program
Apr 24
Art Works: How Artists andOrganizers Are Creating A Better World Together
Apr 25
People’s Budget Roundtable at City Hall

Wall Ball 2024

May 3, 2024 | 8:30pm–10:30pm EDT

In 2024, Mural Arts Philadelphia celebrates its illustrious 40-year journey of transforming urban spaces into canvases of hope and dialogue. With the year’s theme, “Roots & Reimagination,” we embark on a reflective expedition, honoring our rich heritage of community engagement and artistic innovation while fostering a culture of reimagining what public art signifies for the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection.

Beautify. Inspire. Empower.
Beautify. Inspire. Empower.
Beautify. Inspire. Empower.
Beautify. Inspire. Empower.
Beautify. Inspire. Empower.
Beautify. Inspire. Empower.


We Here

We Here is an art project in Kensington led by artist Roberto Lugo and a Community Advisory Council, focusing on youth, creativity, and pottery.


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Cataloging our collections supports our ongoing efforts to expand access to our work. The Public Art Archive is a platform to document and preserve information about our projects and practices. Visit today!

Beautify. Inspire. Empower.

Mural Arts Philadelphia exists to provide transformative experiences, progressive discourse, and economic stimulus to the City of Philadelphia through participatory public art that beautifies, advocacy that inspires, and educational programming and employment opportunities that empower.

Our Mission

Through participatory public art, Mural Arts Philadelphia inspires change in people, place, and practice, creating opportunity for a more just and equitable Philadelphia.

Our Vision

Mural Arts Philadelphia envisions a world where all people have a say in the future of their lives and communities; where art and creative practice are respected as critical to sense of self and place; and where cultural vibrancy reflects and honors all human identities and experiences.