May 28

Tune In for Art Ignites Change - The Podcast!

by: Norah Langweiler

Art ignites change has been the guiding light of Mural Arts Philadelphia for 35 years. It has seen our neighbors through recessions, war, poverty, mental illness and, now, a global pandemic. This ethos bleeds into every project we undertake – projects that are more than just art, they are agents of change.

The transformation that public art can create in a person and within a community lives on long past the paint has chipped away. Art instills a sense of accomplishment and pride for having envisioned and completed a task; it asserts beauty and tells multi-generational stories for entire neighborhoods.

The Art Ignites Change podcast invites you to join us for an exploration into the history and future of public art in Philadelphia and across the globe Рthe projects that made history, changed history, and the programs that will shape the future. Together we will investigate the transformative power of creativity.

Special thanks to Conrad Benner of Streets Dept for his help producing this podcast, and sound editor Mike Mihalick. 

Listen to the first episode now!

Tune in to Art Ignites Change

Last updated: Dec 1, 2020

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