Dec 29, 2016

Top 9 Spotlight Moments of 2016

by: Carly Rapaport-Stein

2016 was a wonderful year – and lots of people wanted to share our wow-worthy moments. Scroll on for videos, radio interviews, and articles that describe some of the fantastic work that happened over the past twelve months.

9. Let's Bloom 

CBS3’s Vittoria Woodill visited Ben Volta’s West Philadelphia mural, Bloom, and met members of the Guild who helped the wall blossom.

8. Preserving our city of murals 

We create the collection found across the walls of our city, but we also work on maintaining it. Jane Golden and artists Meg Saligman and Nathaniel Lee chatted with Radio Times about preservation, and Samantha Melamed tackled collection conservation.

We the Youth © Keith Haring. Photo by Steve Weinik.

7. We're all migrating together 

Laura Deutch and Shira Walinsky’s 47 Stories brought neighborhoods together from north to south, and the Inquirer’s Michael Matza helped the story migrate throughout the city.

47 Stories © 2016 Mural Arts Philadelphia / Laura Deutch and Shira Walinsky. Photo by Steve Weinik.

6. Taking stock of the Stock Exchange 

Catalina Jaramillo explored the 9th Street Stock Exchange, delving into the nuances of Jon Rubin’s intricate project.

9th Street Stock Exchange. Photo by Mike Reali.

5. Listen to my voice 

Peter Crimmins took an in-depth look at our new Restorative Justice project, Voices.

Family Interrupted © 2012 Mural Arts Philadelphia / Eric Okdeh. Photo by Mike Reali.

4. Contemplating your story 

Candy Chang’s thoughtful mural graces South Street – and Josh Middleton’s equally thoughtful piece covers the collaborative  process.


The Atlas of Tomorrow Mural Dedication, July 7, 2016. Juniper and South Streets. Photo by Steve Weinik.

3. A new look for Mural Arts 

New year, new look! This year, Mural Arts showed off a brand new brand – and the Philadelphia Business Journal noticed.

Brand Launch Party, October 2016. Photo by Steve Weinik.

2. Unsung voices echo in the tunnels 

October’s Unsung, the ethereal sound and video installation, drew the attention of WHYY’s Peter Crimmins.

Unsung © 2016 Mural Arts Philadelphia / Nadia Botello, Nadia Hironaka, and Matthew Suib. Photo by Steve Weinik.

1. CBS Sunday Morning shines a spotlight on Mural Arts 

Over a six-week period in fall 2015, Anthony Mason and the CBS Sunday Morning crew took an in-depth look at all things Mural Arts. Their segment highlights our impact, our stories, and the meaningful works of art that have helped Mural Arts become an integral part of Philadelphia.

Last updated: Dec 22, 2016

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