Dec 20

Top 5 Confetti-Filled Mural Arts Moments

by: Carly Rapaport-Stein and Steve Weinik

A muralista never misses her chance to celebrate the big, bold, beautiful work splashed across Philadelphia’s canvases. And what better way to spread joy then to dance under a sky full of confetti! Check out our top 5 favorite confetti-filled moments below, then tell us @muralarts which Mural Arts moments made you jump for joy!

Originally painted in 2001, Meg Saligman’s Our Flag Unfurled showed signs of its age. But this summer, with timely sprucing-up, the mural showed off its glorious colors at a red, white, and blue dedication.

Free-wheeling muralistas zipped from Southwest Philly to North Philly to do a double-duty mural dedication. Candy Coated worked with students in the Art Education program to wrap snazzy Indego bikes and create two new murals, showing us the beauty of art-in-motion.

Candy Chang’s meditative mural opened with a jubilant dedication. The artwork functions like this:

Think of a problem. Spin the dial. Find a story and get clarity.

Problem solved now? Time for confetti!

If a mural has “shimmering” in the title, you can bet the dedication will make the air shimmer too. Eurhi Jones’ Your Hands Shimmering on the Legs of Rain got the glittery, confetti-filled dedication that the effervescent mural deserves.

And last but not least, confetti is always more fun when you’re celebrating with your schoolmates. Students cheered the dedication of Your Hands Shimmering on the Legs of Rain with a burst of enthusiasm and sparkle.

Last updated: Dec 21, 2016

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