Nov 16, 2020

The Viaduct

by: Caitlin Chase

After many months of community events organizing, design reviews, and paint days, it is our pleasure to officially dedicate The Viaduct! 

The murals, painted on three essential underpasses in North Philadelphia, are reflective of the strength and resilience of these neighborhoods, paying homage to the complexity, history and beauty of the community, portrayed in bright abundant colors to demonstrate the power of accomplishing together what we cannot do alone.

Norris Street Underpass  

10th and Norris Streets

History in the Present Moment (Their Crowns Like Light Beams) designed by muralists Patrick Dougher and Josh Sarantitis calls attention to the divine nobility, royalty and spirituality of the local community.

Diamond Street Underpass  

Diamond and 10th Streets

Diamonds in the Rough designed by Andrea Legge of the design firm Legge Lewis Legge was directly inspired by the theme of ‘youth and family’ and by conversation with community members, in particular, two statements: “We are diamonds in the rough,” and “It takes pressure to make a diamond”.

Susquehanna Underpass  

10th and Susquehanna Streets

Untitled by Priscilla Bell and Anthony Torcasio is focused on community, abundance and growth aimed to portray the pivotal strengths that exist with the community.

This project wouldn't be possible without community. 

The Viaduct (Rail Line Underpass Enhancement Project) was made possible by our generous sponsor, The City of Philadelphia Division of Housing and Community Development, and partners SEPTA, Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha, Norris Homes, Penrose Recreation Center, and the 8th & Diamond Advisory Council.

Hear from the artists on our podcast! 

Tune into the Art Ignites Change Podcast: Episode 7 to hear exclusive interviews with key artists on this project, Patrick Dougher, Andrea Legge (of Legge Lewis Legge), and Anthony Torcasio!

Last updated: Nov 16, 2020

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