Jul 21

Spring Blooms in Summer Sometimes

by: Laura Kochman

Over the last several weeks, two new Spring Arts District murals have gone up on the wall. These temporary works, part of an ongoing collaboration with Arts + Craft Holdings, join works by Kid Hazo, Miriam Singer, Martha Rich, and others in Mural Arts’ first outdoor rotating gallery.

This new mural by Gloss Black rises five stories above the ground, playfully rendering “SPRING ARTS” in letters made of swiss cheese, ice, and neon tube lighting.

Spring Arts by Glossblack. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Lauren West’s contribution to the Spring Arts District gallery is a landscape of graphic trees and flowers, blooming with pattern and color (and eyes!).

Spring Arts District mural by Lauren West. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Also in the Callowhill neighborhood, artist NDA has been at work on a mural highlighting local changemaker Laureal Robinson, principal of Spring Garden School. From planting trees to providing more after school programs, Robinson has focused on positive change.

Mural by NDA in the Callowhill neighborhood. Photo by Steve Weinik.

What will bloom here next? We can’t wait to find out!

Last updated: Jul 21, 2017

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