Mar 13, 2019

Seven Women Who Make Murals

by: Laura Kochman

Women’s history happens every day of the year, but March is officially Women’s History Month—so we’ll take the opportunity to celebrate. Here are seven talented women that we’ve worked with over the years, among many others.

Betsy Casañas 

A muralist from North Philadelphia whose work focuses on Puerto Rican heritage.

A portion of Sing Because it is Heard by Betsy Casañas. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Marion Wilson 

A process-based artist who works through the lens of ecology.

A portion of Uprooted/reRooted at Cramp Elementary School, by Marion Wilson. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Patricia Barrera 

A teaching artist with an eye toward empathy.

Sembrando Sueños, Cosechando Esperanzas © 2017, City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program / Patricia Barrera. Esperanza Academy Charter School, 301 West Hunting Park Avenue. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Meg Saligman 

A longtime collaborator and muralist with an interest in formal and figurative design.

Philadelphia Muses by Meg Saligman. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Candy Chang 

An artist whose participatory public art pushes back against isolation.

The Atlas of Tomorrow by Candy Chang. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Michelle Angela Ortiz 

A muralist, educator, and activist who uses visual narrative for social change.

Artist Michelle Angela Ortiz behind Flores de Libertad at Philadelphia City Hall. Photo by Dave Tavani.

Priscilla Bell 

A painter with a fine arts background—and a graduate of our Muralist Training Program.

Tribute to Marie Dendy, by Priscilla Bell. Photo by MAP staff.

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