Dec 13, 2023

Restorative Justice Projects In the Works

by: Jenny Donnelly Johnson

Artist Cindy Lozito and the Restorative Justice team are currently working on a mural in partnership with Vetri Community Partnership. This nonprofit provides the Philadelphia community with free cooking courses and programs centered around accessible and nutritious meals. The mural shines a light on the energy and spirit of making and sharing food as a community.

In the new year, we will work on several city murals. One of the murals will be by Mark Loughney as part of his Reimaging Reentry Fellowship. In addition, we are working with community activist Zarinah Lomax and artist and Black Artist Fellow Nazeer Sabree on a mural in West Philadelphia to celebrate, support, and help heal a community of family, friends, and other co-survivors who have lost loved ones to gun violence.

We are also working with Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr. on a new mural featuring community members and organizers from his 4th district, in West Philadelphia. In addition, we are working with Robert Blackson on a mural and education program as part of his ongoing project, 100 People Listening: A Shared Decade. This decade-long project highlights what it means to listen, partnering with strangers across Philadelphia to engage in structured conversation and listening. The project will tie into the overall education curriculum for Restorative Justice program participants.

Former Black Artist Fellow artist Anthony Carlos Molden will launch his art project Creative Clean-up, which works with Rec Crew members to transform blighted urban areas into clean and vibrant spaces, using some of the very trash that was once an eyesore and turning it into a beautiful work of art.

Photo: Anthony Carlos Molden, Love Light in Flight, Mixed Media Installation in the terminal at the Philadelphia International Airport, 2022. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Last updated: Dec 13, 2023

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