Mar 20, 2018

Nine Murals Honoring Women

by: Laura Kochman

March is Women’s History Month! While you’re out there celebrating women across the decades, here are a few of our favorite projects that lift up women of Philadelphia and beyond.

1. A Tribute to Gloria Casarez 

A Tribute to Gloria Casarez by Michelle Angela Ortiz. Photo by Steve Weinik.

The first Director of LGBT Affairs for the City of Philadelphia, Gloria Casarez was a longtime activist for LGBT rights and the rights of other marginalized communities.

2. You Go Girl 

You Go Girl © 2014 Mural Arts Philadelphia / Jetsonarama and Ursula Rucker. 1531 Ridge Avenue. Photo by Steve Weinik

Ursula Rucker is a spoken word artist, born and raised in Philadelphia, with an incredible stage presence.

3. Tribute to Lt. Joyce Craig 

Tribute to Lt. Joyce Craig, by Nathaniel Lee. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Lieutenant Joyce Craig of Lawncrest’s Engine 64 lost her life in the line of duty in 2014, while fighting a massive fire and saving lives.

4. If They Should Ask 

Erin Wilson reads about one of the women named on If They Should Ask, a temporary installation by Sharon Hayes for Monument Lab. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Okay, this one’s not a mural, but we couldn’t let it slip by: Sharon Hayes’ temporary installation paid homage to many women across Philadelphia history that have long been ignored in public spaces. Visit to see the full list of names.

5. Timeless Journey: Patti LaBelle 

Timeless Journey: Patti LaBelle. Mural by Peter Pagast, 2004. Photo by Jack Ramsdale.

Singer-songwriter Patti LaBelle is the Godmother of Soul, a force of nature in the entertainment world, and a local hero.

6. The Stamp of Incarceration: Amira Mohamed 

The Stamp of Incarceration: Amira Mohamed © 2015 Shepard Fairey. The Friends Center, 1500 Race Street, Philadelphia, PA. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Amira Mohamed might have a criminal record, but she refuses to let her time behind bars define her identity. A graduate of our Guild program, Mohamed is on her way to life as an architect.

7. Peace Is a Haiku Song 

Peace is a Haiku Song by Joshua Sarantitis and Parris Stancell. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Poet and activist Sonia Sanchez is a Philadelphia institution in and of herself—this mural also features words from literary legends Alice Walker and Toni Morrison.

8. Pioneering Women from A to Z 

Pioneering Women from A to Z. Mural by Shira Walinsky, 2010. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Following the alphabet from start to finish, this mural from Shira Walinsky features pioneering pilots, activists, teachers, explorers, artists, and so many more.

9. Women in Progress 

Women in Progress. Mural by Larissa Preston and Cesar Viveros, 2001. Photo by Jack Ramsdale.

This mural pays tribute to the unnamed and unacknowledged women throughout history.

Bonus: Love Across the USA 

Artist Olek in front of a mural of singer Nina Simone in Raleigh, NC, made from crocheted yarn. Photo courtesy of the artist.

A new mural from artist Olek is taking shape in the hands of the community right now! Crocheted squares will come together to reveal the face and words of an important woman from Philadelphia history.

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