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Mural Arts Marketplace: Philadelphia Fellowship for Black Artists

by: Curated by Victoria Boyer, Introduction by Norah Langweiler

Shop the Mural Arts Marketplace: Philadelphia Fellowship for Black Artists

The Philadelphia Fellowship for Black Artists is designed to fund, foster and elevate the important work of Black artists.

Take some time to shop this jam-packed marketplace of local art and creative services. You are sure to find your new favorite artist, a treasure for your collection, or something for that special someone.

Taj Poscé 

Philadelphia-based artist, Taj Poscé, analyzes the beauties and plights of his life through color, abstraction and informal narrative paintings, designs and poems. He truly has a pure, raw and optimistic gaze on art making and on the world. Many of his most recent works reflect the idioms “every cloud has a silver lining” and “being on cloud 9.” Taj often mixes found materials from his environment with quality art materials, which show no sense of hierarchy in his work. He also sometimes burns paintings in an abstract way that, to him, reference the current states of war and chaos. Many of his works across mediums reference clouds. He believes that as humans, like clouds, we are constantly in motion, adapting, evolving and changing. Poscé believes that we are always taking form to our present circumstances; trying to grasp and understand the plights of our being while also embracing and cherishing them with the beauty of our lives.


To purchase the works shown here, or to view more, please email Taj at tajp95@gmail.com.

Connect with Taj:



Jere Edmunds 

Jere’s background for the past few decades has involved steady work in the service industry, in arts distribution, and volunteering in many video productions. He has had a close association with the Philadelphia arts community for many years – he went to art school and have acted and modeled, and supported arts and artists all along the way. Through Jere’s involvement at Scribe Video Center, WYBE, and DUTV, he became drawn to the opportunities that video makes possible. All of this led to the development of his first program for PhillyCam, “5 on the Go”, a series of short glimpses into various artists and events around town. This evolved into “The Inside Look” a short form documentary series now in production of it’s second episode. Jere is from, of, and for the community and operate under a simple and effective principle: Care, Share, and Be there!


Connect with Jere:


Devon Harrison 

Devon is a Black college grad that studied Animation and Glass. With my work, he would like to continue down the path and show others in his community (young and old) that there are more options available to them than the limits we know. He hopes that his work will inspire others to join the crafts and explore outside of what is commonplace.


To make a purchase or order custom work, contact Devon on Instagram or Ko-fi @saltfort.

Yannick Lowery 

Yannick Lowery is a native of New York City and currently resides in Philadelphia, PA. Claiming both cities as cultural and creative influences, he cites the rich diversity of their visual art histories as fuel for his own practice. Yannick attended The Atlanta College of Art (now SCAD) and Columbia College in Chicago, where he studied sculpture and graphic design, respectively.  Yannick describes his current collage work as being activated by societal justice/injustice, materiality, and visions of alternate futures. An avid reader, lifelong learner, and traveler, Yannick’s work is also informed by historical texts, African literature, feral urban gardens, kite-flying, and pandemic-induced inward journeys.


This is only a small glimpse into the works that Yannick has for sale. Please visit his website, severepaper.com to view more of his work or purchase a print for $100.

To purchase works shown here, please email Yannick at yannicklowery@gmail.com.

Connect with Yannick on Instagram:

Chanae Richards 

As a lover of all things home, Chanae has always found so much joy in not only curating her own home, but also helping others with their home projects. With a gift for sourcing unique pieces and understanding her client’s needs, Chanae’s passion has since become the noteworthy interior design firm that is ọlọrọinteriors. Chanae’s goal with ọlọrọis to create spaces that feel like a haven for her clients from their busy lives.


To inquire about pricing and schedule a consultation, email Chanae’s staff at team@olorointeriors.com.

Connect with Chanae on Instagram and Pinterest @olorointeriors

Athena Scott 

Athena’s work is the synthesis of fine arts and design. Her influences include Frida Kahlo, Käthe Kollwitz, Basquiat and Kerry James Marshall, just to name a few. Though her primary love is in portraiture, she has also worked professionally as a Web/Graphic designer for the past 14 years. In her work, you can sometimes get a sense of those worlds merging to become one. She does not limit herself to a particular medium as she is willing to experiment with various tools, techniques and surfaces.


Prints of Athena’s work start at $25.99 at her online shop.

Connect with Athena:


Ellen Tiberino 

Ellen Tiberino is a mosaic artist born and raised in West Philadelphia. She comes from a family of renowned visual artists. Ellen has exhibited in numerous galleries in Philadelphia and New York . Including the Sande Webster gallery, Gallery 22, Rosemont College and the African American Museum . Ellen has conducted numerous workshops for different organizations including Mural Arts programs, Living Cities, People’s Emergency Center and independently in different communities.


To make a purchase, please email Ellen at ellentiberino@gmail.com.

Connect with Ellen:



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