Mar 1, 2021

Mural Arts Marketplace: Celebrating Women in the Arts

by: Curated by Victoria Boyer, Introduction by Norah Langweiler

The Mural Arts Women’s Marketplace is a curated guide to Philadelphia’s top talent for take-home art (as in, small enough to fit through your door, not our usual scale of building-sized). Take some time to peruse the brilliant artists featured here – find your new favorite piece, stock up for Mother’s Day or birthdays, get your holiday shopping done super early, or just treat yourself – and support your local craftswomen from the comfort of your couch (or bed or floor – you do you, boo).

Rashelle Brooks  

Rashelle is a visual artist who never misses an opportunity to be creative or to inspire those around her to tap into their inner creativity.


To purchase work from Rashelle, click hereto email her,
or click hereto send her a direct message on Instagram.

Connect with Rashelle:
Instagram:@gallerytwelvethree/ @be.rashelle 

Ail G-D 

As a multifaceted artist, Ail  primarily centers on social issues in order to incite dialogue; specializing in spoken word, painting, and fabric. She make connections through voice and music while inspiring others with her artrepreneurial spirit. She is also the Founder and CEO of a business that specializes in fabric arts and a host of monthly open-mic nights.


Crocheted Animals – $20.00
Poems – $15.00
Prints – $5.00

To purchase work from Ail, click here.


Connect with Ail G-D:


Kala Hagopian / Hagopian Arts 

Garden Murals for Private Residences:

Hagopian Arts, a female-led, West Philly mural initiative, has recently developed a new, smaller-scale art offering, specifically designed for personal residences – custom floral mini murals. These garden murals, or floral medallions, are magnificently detailed, radiant additions to any home, acting as portals to garden oases that are essentially unheard of in the city. With multiple floral medallions installed in patios, backyards, and outdoor spaces across Philly, Hagopian Arts aims to beautify individual’s homes while facilitating connections between the natural world and our surrounding urban environment. In a time when people are forced to stay home more than ever before, Hagopian Arts garden murals allow viewers to be transported to a haven of lush, exotic plant life without ever needing to leave their own property. The optimal medium to create long-lasting, visually-stunning public art pieces, these floral medallions will continue to uplift viewers and embellish outdoor spaces for many years to come.


About Hagopian Arts:
Hagopian Arts is an independent female-owned and operated public art initiative based out of West Philadelphia. Founded by Kala Hagopian, Hagopian Arts specializes in luminous murals inspired by nature. A working artist in Philadelphia since 2005, Kala received her Certificate from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 2009, and began painting murals in 2012. After building a substantial portfolio of public art projects, Hagopian Arts began the Eco Mural Project in 2018, a series of street-level murals aimed at raising environmental awareness by introducing depictions of at-risk ecosystems into urban spaces. By 2021 The Eco Mural Project has grown to fourteen murals! Hagopian Arts produces “fine-art murals,” specializing in realism interspersed with bright patterns and atmosphere. They have a great deal of working experience across a large range of clients, including nonprofits, community organizations, corporate developers, small businesses and personal residences.


For commissioned work or inquiries, please contact

Connect with Kala:
Instagram: @hagopianarts

Jasmine Hamilton 

Jasmine Hamilton is an African American queer female illustrator, sculptor, and painter.  She studied art at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, Pa. She majored in 2d illustration and 3d fine arts . Artists sheadmires and have been influenced by are John Singer Sargent, Norman Rockwell, David Hammon, Faith Ringgold, Henry Turner, Giacometti, Caravaggio, and Kehinde Wiley to name a few. Her work is often portraits of working class African Americans mostly women whose emotional expressions and disposition reflect the social and economic conditions at which they live. 

Jasmine is originally from East Chicago, Indiana but she have lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for over ten years. She has showed at Philadelphia Assembled a Land Sovereignty Artist Exhibit at the Philadelphia Art Museum, Booze and Pancakes a PoP up Art Gallery, Clark Park Art Gallery, Aspace, Taking Up Space Artist Residency, October Art Gallery, 40th street Art residency and more. She has mostly worked at after school programs teaching art to as risk youth at organizations such as Centro Nueva, The Village of Art and Humanities, Y-hep, Urban Tree Connection, and WePac,.

With her art Jasmine is hoping that it creates a space of healing. That it tells the stories of how we exist below the surface; how we lie and live in the disposition of circumstance; how there is safety in the vulnerability of exposure. The situations that create the grey in our smiles, the love, the sorrow, the survival that lives in our souls. Jasmine that my art expresses  and exposes our rooted self . 


To purchase work from Jasmine, click here.

Connect with Jasmine:
Instagram: @artbyjasminehamilton

Erica Harney 

Erica Harney (b. New York, 1984) is a fine artist, curator, scenic painter and educator based in Philadelphia since 2011. She holds a BFA in Drawing and Painting from Alfred University, Magna Cum Laude (2006) and an MFA in Drawing and Painting from the Pennsylvania State University (2010). She has also studied at the Santa Reparata International School of Art in Florence, Italy. The artist the recipient of numerous awards, including a Graham Endowed Fellowship, a Daniel J. Murphy II Award for Creativity, a Christos N. Apostle Grant, a microgrant from Blick Art Supplies. She has been an artist-in-residence at ArtScape in Toronto, Weir Farm Art Center in Connecticut, the Palazzo Rinaldi Artists’ Residence in Italy, and has had two partial fellowships at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, VT.

Since the Pandemic, she has recommitted to her personal studio practice and has been focusing on paintings of landscape and architecture, influenced heavily by her extensive experience in painting backdrops for theatre.


The top two pieces of work are available for purchase and the bottom three are examples of custom work.


 If you would like to purchase work from Erica at her Etsy Shop, on her website, or by email.


Naomieh Jovin 

Naomieh Jovin is a visual artist with a focus in photography. She received her BFA in Photography and Digital Arts from Moore College of Art and Design (‘17). Her work is influenced by the absence of her late mother as well as her experiences growing up First generation Haitian-American. In her work, she utilizes appropriated photos from old family albums and incorporates her own photographs to try and recreate similar moments. This process is meant to illustrate resistance and intergenerational trauma and how we carry them through our bodies. The incorporation of appropriated family photos, writings from relatives, and her own personal work allows Jovin to reflect on her family history, while paying homage to generations before her and their generational resistance against erasure. Naomieh Jovin currently lives and works in Philadelphia, PA.

To purchase Naomieh’s work, click here.

Connect with Johanna:
Instagram: @njovn
Artsy: @NaomiehJovin

Nilé Livingston 

Nile Livingston’s work as an artist has been recognized by Rad Girls, an organization that celebrates women’s accomplishments; The Colored Girls Museum, the only institution in the US exclusively dedicated to the history of black girls in America; and Mural Arts Philadelphia, the nation’s largest public art program.


To purchase Nilé’s work, click here. Prints & Stickers as low as $3.59

Connect with Nilé:
Instagram: @nilelivingston

Danii Mann 

Danii Mann is a practicing artist from Mount Holly, NJ.  In May of 2020 she graduated Magna Cum Laude from Endicott College, where she received her BFA in Art Therapy. Danii is a painter, mainly working in oil paints. She frequently addresses social and feminist topic within her artwork. In the fall of 2021 she will begin her journey to earn a Masters of Art Therapy and Creative Development from Pratt Institute.


To purchase work or a commission from Danii, click here.

Connect with Danii:
Instagram/Twitter/Tiktok: @daniimannart

Jenny Lee Maas 

Jenny Lee Maas is a mixed media artist based in Philadelphia. Her work ranges from photography, fashion, fine art, music and video. Most recently she is working on Neutral Sparkle, an eco-friendly fashion label while making one of a kind garments under J.L.Maas.

“Many times I work with one concept (or dream) for a time and translate the same idea through various media.  This allows me to investigate thoroughly, as well as experimentally, in turn giving me a wider scope of perspective and understanding.” – Jenny Lee Maas 


To purchase work from Jenny, click here. For custom inquiries, click here.


@j.l.maas Special occasion fashion
@neutral_sparkle Eco friendly activewear
@zen_fuzz music
@stoic_muse_productions video/photography 

Johanna Roebas 

Johanna has played with clay since she was shorter than a pottery wheel, but her work now conveys a sense of freedom, breathing new air, taking on its own shape, life. Sheconsiders herself a student of the art, always looking to refine and expand her skills. In every piece there is a bit of her, her mood, her energy her fingerprints. No matter what it looks like she’s in there. The way the glaze drips or the angle of the silhouette. Every mark, impulsive yet intentional. She takes inspiration from the city shelives in, her daily commute, her niece and nephews, adventuring outside, running, biking and camping, and all the sights and sound that come along with it. More importantly, she’ll never miss an opportunity to pop into a photo booth.


To purchase Johanna’s work, send a direct message via Instagram, or shop her Etsy site.

Connect with Johanna:
Instagram: @roebsceramics
Etsy Shop: @roebasceramics

Symone Salib Studio 

Symone Salib (she/her) is a first generation Cuban/Egyptian street artist, muralist, and educator based out of Philadelphia. Through acrylic paint and illustration she works to highlight the lives of people, with a emphasis on BIPOC across her city since 2017. She focuses on vibrantly sharing the stories of people in hopes we can connect and resonate with humans who are different from ourselves. She strives to spread joy and create a space where people are not only seen but heard. Her work is a reclamation of space both physically and politically as she asserts the humanity of black and brown bodies and the necessity for justice against police brutality, sexism and homophobia.

To purchase work from Symone, click here

Connect with Symone:
Instagram: @symonesalibstudio

Morgan Thomas Shankweiler 

Morgan Thomas Shankweiler splits her studio time between the Philadelphia suburbs and the coast of Maine. She graduated with sociology and studio art majors from Williams College (Massachusetts) and studied Mughal miniature painting with Ajay Sharma in Jaipur, India. Her background in sociology informs her work, which is a study in motherhood, memory, and the commonalities of the human experience of time. Shankweiler’s work was most recently featured in the 2020 online archive of AI39 and has been chosen for juried shows in Boston, New York, and the Philadelphia area. While much of her miniature work is narrative, the Covid-19 Pandemic has pushed her into a meditative practice of larger rope/knot drawings and paintings. These pieces speak to the necessity of community, connection and the “net”works that allow us to lift each other up. Other work includes illustration, murals, theatrical set design, interior design consultation and private commissions.

To purchase work by Morgan, click here to email her.

Connect with Morgan:
Instagram: @morganthomasshankweiler

Madeleine Smith 

Madeleine Smith has created large scale paintings for a variety of institutions; including theaters, schools and businesses around the Philadelphia area. She also enjoys exploring other processes such as creating paper designs, drawing, and oil painting.

To purchase work by Madeline, click here.

Connect with Madeleine:

Alice Thompson 

Alice Thompson is a member printmaker at Second State Press. In Spring 2019 she acquired specialized screen printing and repeat pattern design skills through the Fabric Workshop and Museum Apprentice Training Program. Her art takes many forms, including hand-pulled prints, functional kites, and layered cut paper installations on windows. Alice envisions establishing a kite studio in Philadelphia, to celebrate the kite as an art form, teach kite workshops, and facilitate kite festivals. Building and flying a kite can check all of the boxes for a STEAM lesson plan, but it also lifts the spirit to see something you made with your own hands soar high in the sky.


Support the founding and growth of Alice’s very small business, Kite Curiosities, by purchasing her work through Etsy:

Ellen Tiberino 

Ellen Tiberino is a mosaic artist born and raised in West Philadelphia. She comes from a family of renowned visual artists. Ellen has exhibited in numerous galleries in Philadelphia and New York . Including the Sande Webster gallery, Gallery 22, Rosemont College and the African American Museum . Ellen has conducted numerous workshops for different organizations including Mural Arts programs, Living Cities, People’s Emergency Center and independently in different communities.


To make a purchase, please email Ellen at


Connect with Ellen:
Instagram:@ellentiberino/ @ellentiberinoart
Facebook:Ellen Tiberino

Ali Williams 

Ali M Williams is a Philadelphia based artist and public muralist. She has been a visiting teaching artist at Lycée Rochambeau (The French International School), The Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, Moore College of Art, Fleisher Art Memorial, Project Learn School, The Hillside School, and Riverside Correctional Facility.  She has worked with numerous education and community outreach programs such as Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Twist Out Cancer, Mural Arts Philadelphia, and many more. Some of her clients include Primark, Nasdaq, Marriott Hotels, The Wells Fargo Center, and Blick Art Materials.

Her murals invite you inside a collaged, fabricated dreamscape of paint, mysterious beauty, and contemporary iconography. She’s interested in combining realism with abstract concepts and design to create a surreal experience. Symbolic elements, graphic imagery, and vibrant bursts of color are frequent components of her work. She’s drawn to bold, feminine color palettes, and loves to incorporate neon pink as much as possible!


To purchase work from Ali, click here.

Connect with Ali:
Instagram: @alimwilliams  
Facebook: @alimwilliamsart

J. Eliza Wall 

J. Eliza Wall (Joy Elisabeth Waldinger) is an artist, writer, filmmaker, and educator from Philadelphia. Her work explores a variety of topics: family dynamics, the human condition, nostalgia, and connection to nature, in an attempt to restore connections in a fractured world. She has been published in:PhillyVoice, CRED Philly, and The Sun Magazine. She was the Lloyd E. Penland Scholarship recipient (2012), received honorable mention for her short story in the CRAFT Elements Contest (2020), placed third in The Bucks County Short Story Fiction Contest (2017), and won The Bucks County Community College Haiku Contest (2012). She is a volunteer curator for Button Poetry and recently published her children’s book Like The Sun Holds The Moon: A Children’s Bookon Amazon. Recently, she has turned her stories and poems into short films which have been featured in a variety of national and international film festivals. For example, her short film “Hey, It’s Momwas selected for the Ridgway Independent Film Fest (2020), and her short film “Thanks, Dad” was selected for the Short to the Point ISFF AWARDS (2020).


Check out her website and/or her Amazon Author Page to buy Like The Sun Holds The Moon: A Children’s Book and contact her via email regarding any community art projects, commissions (regarding art, film, or writing), teaching artist opportunities etc. 

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Tiff Urquhart says

How do I become a featured women’s artist for Celebrating Women in The Arts? I am based in Philadelphia and do street art as well as contemporary art involving social justice, environmental justice as well as Art activism in general. Thank you for your time.