Mar 2, 2016

In memoriam: Joe Tiberino

by: Jane Golden

Joe Tiberino was an extraordinary person.

He was one of my favorite people in Philadelphia – his kindness knew no bounds and his generosity of spirit was profound. I had the pleasure of knowing Joe and his family over a long time, almost as long as I have been with the city. Getting his calls every few months always made my day, and hearing his new ideas or having him drop off a new drawing or painting was always a treat.

Joe was extraordinary, but he also came from an extraordinary family, one filled with creativity, energy, connection, and love. My heart is with each member of his family this week, but especially with Gabe, Joe’s son, an artist for whom I have so much respect. Gabe is a strong painter and muralist and when I see and interact with him, I feel not just his individual talent, but the power of the Tiberino family. They are the quintessential Philadelphia family and story, and they represent our city in the best way possible.

Four years ago, Mural Arts organized an exhibition of their wonderful work around the Municipal Services Building. It was supposed to be temporary, but the art and the family are so beloved that the art has stayed up for a much longer amount of time – and I think it will continue to grace the walls for a stretch of time yet. After all, what better place to show off the work of Joe and Gabe then in the very center of the city – a city that they loved and that benefited tremendously from Joe.

Joe was a wonderful artist, a devoted father, and a friend to so many. He will be deeply, deeply missed.

Last updated: Mar 18, 2016

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