Jan 23, 2023

Federal Donuts Partners with Mural Arts

by: Chad Eric Smith

Federal Donuts is one of Mural Arts’ amazing 2022 partners. Federal Donuts has provided donuts and coffee at mural dedications and events throughout the year. Hear from Federal Donuts about why participatory public art is so important and why they make a point to engage their communities in many different ways – including through the arts!

What makes you feel connected to Mural Arts Philadelphia?

We’re so lucky — since we have Federal Donuts shops in all different pockets of the city, we get the luxury of seeing & connecting with different Mural Arts murals every single day! It’s part of what makes our days so special.

How does Federal Donuts unite and invest in the communities you serve?

Federal Donuts is first & foremost a Philly brand, and it’s our goal to make life a little sweeter for our communities and families. We love to support Philadelphians any way we can, from grassroots events like block clean ups & community fundraisers to our larger partnerships with organizations like Broad Street Ministry & the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House. We hope to be like Mural Arts has always been in our eyes — ambassadors to the city.

Why is it important for you to support public art in the Philadelphia community?

We love supporting Mural Arts because public art can mean so many different things to different people. It can empower, entertain, transform, or even just make an otherwise boring commute beautiful and enjoyable.

What was your favorite event, mural, etc., that Federal Donuts supported this year, and why?

Every opportunity to be involved has been unique and special, and we’re so grateful to partner with Mural Arts! If we had to choose, we really loved supporting the Porch Light Van Dedication. Who doesn’t love a mobile work of art that will continue to serve Kensington and a fun tie-in for us, as we’ve also partnered with the Snider Foundation in the past!

Last updated: Jan 22, 2023

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