Oct 25

Everyday Healing with Swoon

by: Laura Kochman

When you think about mental health and wellness, resources are often expensive or inaccessible—out of reach for those who need them most. Our Porch Light program approaches mental health as a public health issue, which means offering resources with an open-door policy, when and where they are needed.

Last spring, artist Swoon hosted trauma-informed art workshops at our Kensington Storefront with artist and therapist Jessica Radovich and storytellers Heather Box and Julian Mocine-McQueen. Along with a colorful new mural at Kensington’s Prevention Point, one of the results of that collaboration was a trauma-informed zine, full of images and words to help everyone take a breath, reset, and move toward mindfulness.

Everyone deserves access to mental health resources, so we’re offering the zine for download here—or stop by to pick up a copy on Monday, October 29 at our public symposium featuring Swoon and Dr. Gabor Maté.


Explore the Everyday Healing Zine 

Last updated: Oct 25, 2018

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