May 10, 2017

Why Are We Crowdfunding Monument Lab?

by: Caitlin Butler

If you follow Mural Arts, then you know we just launched our first-ever Kickstarter campaign to raise $50,000 for Monument Lab by June 1. With Kickstarter, it’s all or nothing, so we need our community of muralistas to come together and help us hit our target.

Monument Lab is our next major citywide project. During fall 2017, 21 extraordinary artists will create temporary public art at sites across Philadelphia, exploring what makes a monument today. At adjacent hubs, the public will have an opportunity to write or draw their ideas—ideas that will be exhibited at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and included in a final Report to the City.

A major goal of the project is to create a conversation about what needs attention and representation as we build a vision for our shared future. To learn more, visit our Kickstarter page here:

Some members of our community have asked us why they should support our campaign. Here are some reasons:

1 – You get really cool stuff. Where else can you access exclusive interviews with the Monument Lab team, unique swag, signed editions of the forthcoming Monument Lab catalog, limited-edition prints, or behind-the-scenes experiences with the artists?

2 – Bragging rights! Backing us on Kickstarter means that you can take pride in helping bring this major project to life. And as an investor, we promise you’ll always be the first to know about exciting project developments.

3 – You’re paying it forward. When you give, you ensure others will also have a fun and meaningful experience of the project. Your dollars will go towards keeping our hubs open to the public and our programs free and low cost.

4 – You’re making your voice heard. Your support shows the world that you stand in solidarity with the values and aspirations of this project. It sends a powerful message to those making decisions for our future.

5 – You’re leveraging other support. Every gift we get now entices others to jump on board, so don’t wait until June 1.

6 – You’re helping us close our funding gap. After years of dreaming, planning, and pitching, we’re so close to our goal and we’re ready to focus all of our attention on making this the greatest project ever.

Thank you if you’ve already made a pledge. We’re more than 20% of the way there! For those of you who haven’t yet pledged, please give now to show your support—then go tell your network that you made your voice heard by supporting Monument Lab on Kickstarter.


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Last updated: May 10, 2017

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