Sep 7

Between Being Home and Being Here

by: Laura Kochman

In the world of radio, the ultimate sin is silence. Without any audio, listeners will change the channel. It’s an apt metaphor for the tall task of Radio Silence: to tell a story without a storyteller, to make silence meaningful when it may be your only option.

I see this program almost as a reconciliation—between the refugee community and the veterans, between being home and being here.

- musician and project participant Hanna Khoury

This years-long project from artist Michael Rakowitz brought together Philadelphia’s Iraqi community and local war veterans, putting in many hours of conversation that resulted in a radio play on Independence Mall and a seven-part radio series. A year after the original performance in the summer of 2017, go behind the scenes and look back on Radio Silence with us:


Major support for Radio Silence has been provided by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage, with additional support from The National Endowment for the Arts and the Hummingbird Foundation. Project collaborators and partners include a host of agencies and nonprofits that work on refugee and veteran issues, as well as independent community-driven media nonprofits.

Last updated: Sep 7, 2018

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