Mar 20, 2024

Art Moves: Inspiring People to Go Green with Public Transit!

by: Cindy Burstein

Getting to Green design by Shira Walinsky.

In April, the Getting to Green project will be celebrated through a month-long exhibition at Cherry Street Pier. This showcase will spotlight the artistic and multimedia creations developed over the project’s two-year span. Featuring artwork, videos, resources, and materials, the exhibition promises a range of opportunities for audience engagement and participation.

Rail lines, subways, light rail systems, and buses stand as eco-friendly alternatives to the average single-occupancy vehicle, underscoring the advantages of public transit over individual car usage. With a focus on public art, Getting to Green is a dynamic multimedia endeavor aimed at inspiring, educating, and motivating Philadelphians to embrace public transit for their journeys to green spaces. Beyond environmental benefits like pollution reduction and energy efficiency, this initiative also tackles congestion issues, making urban travel more sustainable.

Moreover, embracing public transit through initiatives like Getting to Green isn’t just environmentally responsible; it’s also financially savvy. By opting for public transportation, individuals can save on fuel costs, parking fees, and vehicle maintenance expenses compared to driving personal vehicles.


Bus Stop Stories. Photo: Cindy Burstein.

At its core, Getting to Green: Routes to Roots represents a multi-disciplinary public art endeavor in Philadelphia. Spearheaded by artists Shira Walinsky and Laura Deutch, this initiative aims to deepen connections between urban dwellers and the city’s natural landscapes. Deutch’s videos, some premiering for the first time in April, will offer insightful glimpses and fresh perspectives of travel and transit routes to green spaces, while Walinsky’s captivating visual artworks, such as bus wraps and posters, serve to inspire and activate riders. Among the notable artworks will also be a fresh addition: a hand-drawn printed map designed by Walinsky that promises an exciting and stimulating visual journey through Philadelphia’s green corridors

“This project also has a special focus on promoting equity in public transportation by reaching out to immigrant, refugee, and non-native English-speaking communities to provide access and facilitate a better understanding of the bus system,” explains Jane Golden, Executive Director of Mural Arts Philadelphia. The goal is to encourage these communities to explore beyond their familiar routes and enjoy the city’s green spaces, to foster social inclusion and cohesion.


Lemon Hill excursion. Photo: Robb Konczyk.

Walinsky and Deutch aspire for the exhibit to introduce novel entryways to parks via public transit, enabling visitors to discover new routes and envision the bus as more than just a means of commuting to and from work. Visitors can anticipate an insightful look into the project’s innovative methods for using art to foster sustainable urban exploration. Resources produced by the project’s artists will be available to assist visitors in navigating to green spaces, providing guidance for easy access to the abundance of trails and hidden gems awaiting exploration.

The Getting to Green month-long exhibition takes place at Cherry Street Pier, 121 N. Christopher Columbus Blvd.  It will be open to the public Monday – Sunday, 12pm – 8pm.  The Opening Reception takes place on Friday, April 5, from 5-8 pm as part of Cherry Street Pier’s First Friday program.  Follow updates on Instagram @gettingtogreen.phl.

As a precursor to the April exhibit, you can watch a teaser video now. Additionally, a video compilation will be running in tandem with the exhibit, airing on PhillyCAM (Xfinity 66/966 & Verizon 29/30 or online at on Thursdays at 6 pm throughout April.

Getting to Green is a project of Philadelphia Mural Arts, funded by DVRPC and in partnership with SEPTA.


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