Migrants, Ibrahim, Mingora-Philadelphia

artist JR

Photo by Steve Weinik

Since winning the TED Prize in 2011, JR has become an international icon for the next generation of street art, muralism, and social advocacy through art. For Open Source, JR continued his exploration of immigration by pasting a monumental portrait of an otherwise unknown immigrant on a building in Philadelphia’s Center City. The mural, Migrants, Ibrahim, Mingora-Philadelphia, depicts Ibrahim, a Philadelphia resident who immigrated to Philadelphia from Pakistan. The mural, a soaring 25-story portrait that remains half-hidden behind the Philadelphia skyline, highlights the personal histories of the millions of anonymous immigrants who leave everything behind for a chance at a better life in this country.

Project Photos 

  • Installation of mural | Photo by Steve Weinik

  • Photo by Steve Weinik

  • JR in Philadelphia | Photo by Steve Weinik

  • JR during installation | Photo by Steve Weinik

  • Detail of mural | Photo by Steve Weinik

  • Wide view of final mural | Photo by Steve Weinik

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