Legacy by Josh Sarantitis and Eric Okdeh. Photo by Jack Ramsdale.

About the Project 

This mural, which measures nearly 10,000 square feet, explores the work of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass to end slavery. It was produced by a collaboration of 5 public schools and dozens of individuals, who hand laid over 1 million small glass titles on the mural’s right side. The left side was produced by Eric Okdeh and inmate artists at SCI Grateford, who painted cloth depicting a map of Africa, as viewed through the wooden planks of a slave ship.

A middle-aged woman rising from the blue flames that surround the central medallion. She represents the central girl as a grown-up as well as her ancestors who survived the holocaust which claimed millions and to this day impacts the way each of us lives our lives.


City of Philadelphia
Lincoln Financial