Neighborhood Time Exchange: Philippe Leonard

Your Future is Under Construction 16mm film to HD Video 17 second loop by Philippe Leonard.

About the Artist and His Projects 

Philippe Leonard is a filmmaker and cinematographer from New York City where he focuses on still and moving images through film, photography, performance and installation. His fields of research include urban and public spaces, temporal stratification and media archeology. He loves to travel and meet new people, and he is fascinated by the notion of place and how it is defined by cultural standards.

My practice is directly informed by patient observation and accumulation of details in a specific place over time. This allows me to draw connections and find ways to express my impressions. The service component of the NTE project was very helpful to reach people and try to address problems that are intrinsic to their experience of the neighborhood. I chose to get involved in projects that would empower local organizations and groups of people to promote their ideas, their culture and help them stand against the wave of corporate development that is flowing on their neighborhood. I felt more like an enabler than an actor in the process.