Neighborhood Time Exchange: Mark Clare

artist Mark Clare

Photo by Albert Yee.

About the Artist and his Projects 

Mark Clare graduated from St. Martin’s College of Art & Design (1992), London with a BA in Fine Art Sculpture before completing an MA in Fine Art at the University of Ulster (2004). He now lives and works in Dublin. Over the last twenty years he has developed an artistic practice that often involves working with people with no artistic background. His practice does not lie within any one discipline, but rather embraces a variety of mediums. He is well versed in carpentry, welding, casting, video shooting and editing, and photography. His work attempts to engage, provoke, and agitate the viewer’s conscience through visual interpretations of the politics of globalization, society, and public spaces.

I have participated in numerous residency programs, the structure for these vary from venue to venue, but the core assumption is that you are there to utilise the opportunity to focus on the development of your practice within the specific context of a community. My personal experience was that the ‘framework’ for the Neighborhood Time Exchange program did not allow for this. I feel that a more experimental approach could have yielded more interesting results for the community and the artists involved.