Neighborhood Time Exchange: Matt Neff

artist Matt Neff

Second Sight Mirror, found objects by Matt Neff.

About the Artist and His Projects 

Matt Neff lives in Philadelphia, teaching and directing the Common Press at the University of Pennsylvania. As an artist, his interdisciplinary practice involves making compelling and engaging work that contributes to, challenges, and expands discourses around themes of social justice such as race, gender, and class. He is experienced in a variety of mediums such as print making, photography, digital editing, carpentry, drawing, and painting.

The accumulation of all of my service projects, conversations, and experiences at Time Exchange helped to expand my understanding of design’s role in supporting communities and community activism. My service work (mostly graphic design projects) did not directly relate to my studio work at Time Exchange, but working on the service projects generated new ideas for future studio work relating to community-based design. I am currently developing some new projects dealing with democratic approaches to design, free community design services, and design interventions involving the dissemination of printed materials relating to community organization and activism.