Neighborhood Time Exchange: Macon Reed

artist Macon Reed

Macon Reed meets with a group of gymnasts to prepare for a performance titled Team Spirit, which took place in conjunction with the Physical Education exhibition.

About the Artist and Her Projects 

Macon Reed is a multidisciplinary artist who has lived and worked throughout North America from Chicago. Her nomadic tendencies are driven by a deep curiosity about what makes communities unique and resilient in responding to the challenges they may face. She also works in radio documentary production, youth mentorship, and organizes summer camps to build community towards social justice. She enjoys making sculptures, drawings, and videos about feminism, gender, and optimism, and she often uses strong colors to grab her audience’s attention. She enjoyed spending time in the West Philadelphia community.

My experience with the Neighborhood Time Exchange was truly inspiring. The residency offered me an opportunity to learn directly from the surrounding community about what was desired and possible, rather than assigning these
things on my own. The resilience and strength of this historically African American community is striking, especially at Martha Washington Elementary School where I worked extensively with teachers and students to develop their sensory room.