Gateway to Chinatown: Colors of Light

Colors of Light by Josh Sarantitis. Photo by Jack Ramsdale.

  • location 247 N 12th St
  • Neighborhood

    Center City

  • completion date

    December 02, 1999

About this Project 

*This mural has been covered by construction. 

Colors of Light is a quintessential example of allegorical mural painting. Located on the edge of Chinatown along Vine Street, this mural uses the imagery of scrolls, young children, and a woman in profile to portray the neighborhood’s movement from past to future. Commissioned in partnership with Asian Arts Initiative, the mural was intended to represent the Asian American community, which was reflected in only a handful of images around the city at the time. Artist Josh Sarantitis gathered informal oral histories and incorporated a poem from local poet and educator Jeffrey Loo, and consulted with community groups about the decision to include the dragon that runs along the top edge of the mural.


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Asian Arts Initiative