A Celebration of Poetry

A Celebration of Poetry by Parris Stancell. Photo by Jack Ramsdale.

Companion mural, A Celebration of the Arts. Photo by Jack Ramsdale.

About This Mural 

A Celebration of Poetry honors the African American poet’s journey. Beginning in Africa, the central placement of two strong women – one pouring water into the ground, and the second playing a musical instrument – starts the poet’s path. The trek winds on through the cotton fields of America, and then rises to the corner where blues and jazz musicians are playing. The journey culminates in the present day with a poetry reading, inviting passersby to sit and listen for a while. Woven within the vibrant colors are phrases from six different poets, highlighting both the imagery and the words that are so important to a poet’s life.


Suzanne F. Roberts Cultural Development Fund
Independence Foundation