Garden of Delight

artist David Guinn

Garden of Delight by David Guinn. Photo by Steve Weinik.

About the Project 

Returning to the neighborhood where he grew up, artist David Guinn created a mural of a stunning, lush, landscape. The work overlooks a vibrant community garden, and sits just off Locust street, between two tiny Philadelphia side-streets, Quince and Sartain.

On the left side of the mural, rendered in line drawings, are three vignettes from the immediate neighborhood.  Two trees in the center lean into each other, symbolic of an embrace.  The garden spills out from the space between them. This is to symbolize the spirit of community gardens and the people who work together to nurture these gardens. Guinn created the muralwith transparent colors, to simulate the feel of a watercolor painting. The bottom extends the actual garden’s space up onto the wall and vice versa.

Since its creation in 2010, Garden of Delight has been used by a variety of media around the world to promote the beauty of Philadelphia and its public artwork.


City of Philadelphia