Khalid Dennis

To The Polls 2020 in-process at Love Park. Photo by Steve Weinik.

Khalid Dennis a.k.a BKLvisions is an Muralist/ Creator born and raised in Northwest Philadelphia, Pa. BKLvisions creates various mediums of art but his main artistic focus is Graffiti and Abstract. BKL creates expressive styles of art on Paper, Canvas, Clothing and Walls. Using Spray-paint , High Flow Acrylics And Raw Materials. He appreciates the Urban struggles and uses the stories from his community to brighten and inspire the youth and the members of his community. Khalid (BKLvisions) has collaborated and worked with numerous Companies. From the likes of Primark , Roc nation and The Philadelphia Airport. BKLvisions wants his artwork to encourage and increase the awareness of Love, Peace and Equality. Throughout Urban communities and around the world.

Last updated: May 16, 2023