Andre Chaney

Andre Chaney is a 23-year-old self-taught artist from Philadelphia, PA. He specializes in various mediums, such as acrylic, oil paint, and digital media. He began illustrating at a young age. He found himself fascinated with the artistic style of painter Ernie Barnes from the acclaimed television show “Good Times,” which led to his appreciation of art at an early age. His drive and determination to master the craft of art would only grow fonder over the years as he continued to make strides within the art world.

In 2016 Chaney received a full scholarship that allowed him to attend a well-renowned school, California College of The Arts, in San Francisco, California. It was there where Andre expanded his horizon with art, no longer utilizing just one medium to express himself. At this point, he began using paint and learning graphic design tools, and with his acquired knowledge, he returned home in 2018 to start his very own business venture distributing his artworks through Made2Believe LLC.

Andre now serves as the Artistic Director for the BLC Kids Enrichment program at the Beckett Life Center. In this capacity, he is creating and implementing Trauma-Sensitive After School programming to provide a vehicle through which children can heal. The work he does as an artist helps people heal by empowering them with knowledge – through history and stories – his art exhibits. He strives to help people find beauty in all of the chaos and madness that plagues the world we inhabit by changing their perspective through his paintings and children’s books, and by sharing his own story.

Last updated: May 16, 2023