Aug 25, 2022 | 11:00am–12:00pm EDT Past Event

Sowing Desire

At the recommendation of curator Noah Smalls, the Fresh Grocer
decided to create an Ode to West Philadelphia, the women artists who
live, work, and shop there, the long history of community gardens, and
the importance of fresh food in our lives. Using shared contacts in West
Philly, Mural Arts enlisted three artists from Women Holler to create a
mural that describes their experience growing up and living in West
Philadelphia. The three visual artists were Wanda Payne as the lead and
Sheena Garcia and Pauline Houston McCall as collaborators. The poets
are a mother and daughter team – Octavia McBride Ahebe and her
daughter Sojourner Ahebe. Come celebrate at the dedication, enjoy
refreshments, hear live poetry, and be entertained by Sistahs Laying
Down Hands Collective.

MURAL DESIGN: Wanda Payne, Sheena Garcia, and Paulette Houston-McCall
LEAD MURALIST: Priscilla Bell