Jun 8, 2024 | 12:00pm–4:00pm EDT

Right to the City: Preventing Housing Neglect and Demolition

The Housing Authority asked for $14 million to redevelop the demolished site of the UC-Townhomes. This will be a historical precedent to commit to replacing one-for-one each unit of subsidized housing lost through sale. It raises several questions: Should the city regularly allocate money to develop and redevelop low-income housing when it cannot be preserved? Should the city allocate money to the large landlords to repair and redevelop their properties so that renters can show ongoing investment in an at-risk property? How should it do this? Through License and Inspections? Through active enforcement? Through incentives (grants, loans) for rental property owners?

We are inviting organizers from the University City Townhomes, Brith Sholom, and Renters United, as well as other subsidized housing properties in the city at risk of displacement through demolition or redevelopment. We are encouraging all renters, including section 8 tenants, to connect with us and each other to talk about their housing stories through our discrete workshops! Write down your budgetary desires and then dream about other line items the city should create to make affordable and low-income housing a right in the city.

RSVP: ricky.yanas@muralarts.org