May 25, 2024 | 1:00pm–2:00pm EDT

Next Stop. Hagert! Mural Dedication

This new mural by artist Serena Saunders, titled “Next Stop. Hagert!”, is a most welcome addition to the Hagert Playground in East Kensington. The artist worked with members of the Friends of Hagert Playground to conceive of and design this joyful mural which depicts vibrant, colorful animals riding the train, referencing the nearby Market- Frankford El—an iconic and nearby feature of the neighborhood. The design portrays train cars passing through the various habitats of its riders, which can be seen in the changing background, with one very important stop in the neighborhood where the mural will live, set amidst row homes and with our traditional house pets aboard! The design cleverly incorporates chalkboard paint for interactivity and helps to affirm the rapidly changing community’s identity. We are excited about the elements of play, learning and collaboration that makes this mural a community gem.