Nov 8, 2021 | 11:00am–12:00pm EDT Past Event

Metanoia Mural Dedication

Mural Arts Philadelphia’s Arts Integration program has teaching artists teaming up with local high school teachers through the city, aiming to transform educational environments. Throughout these highly collaborative, multi-year partnerships, the teaching artists and local teachers explore ways visual art can maximize learning in other subject areas. This Arts Integration mural design is created to reflect the cultural diversity of George Washington High School. Dom Lyner and Brad Carney have been teaching in-school and afterschool GW students about radial symmetry using the theme “Metanoia”  to discuss various themes and projects. This culminating design reflects classroom experiences, community development with SAC meetings, and teacher input. 

Artist Bio(s):

Dom Lyner is a Black, North Philadelphia-born and based artist that specializes in geometric art. Once a student of the Art Education program in 2015, he became a Teaching Artist alongside former teacher Brad Carney. In his work, he puts a heavy emphasis on his artistic processes, always trying new methods to make beautiful, harmonious things in a practical way.  Dom draws inspiration from religious art, nature, and finding balance in things. His biggest hope is that people find a sense of calm and tranquility when looking at his art.

Brad Carney has worked as a teaching artist with Mural Arts Philadelphia since 2004. His collaborations with students of various educational programs discuss Youth Identity and Community Reflection through a combination of portrait, landscape, and vibrant color compositions. Recent murals have been inspired by neighborhood architecture, culture, and abstract interpretations of the environment.  His murals create a sense of rhythm, motion, and playfulness through the use of line and color. Carney has designed and worked on an extensive number of interior and exterior murals at schools, recreation centers, and other sites in the Philadelphia region.