Nov 10, 2022 | 6:30pm–7:30pm EDT Past Event

Making Home Movies Screening and 10-year Anniversary Retrospective

The films Bless and Keep You 10:59 , Lucky To Have This Daughter 9:06 and Sisnu 5:29 look at the lives of Bhutanese and Karen Burmese refugees in South Philadelphia. The film series emerged from the stories in ESL classes. Participants worked with teacher and filmmaker Shira Walinsky and community leader Naw Doh. The films explore intergenerational relationships and perspectives on survival and making a new life in the United States. Migration can expose fault lines between generations where children acquire new languages easily. Children often play the role of translator and take on great responsibilities. Parents try to relay their difficult choices and lives in other countries. For both parents and children life in another country is an ongoing experience of Making Home.