Oct 27, 2016 | 4:00pm–8:00pm EDT Past Event

LAB Fest

Celebrate the Tacony Library and Arts Building, a unique space for arts and learning in Northeast Philadelphia, and the community-driven public arts projects created during the LAB’s inaugural artist residency. The event will have many parts, including:

A dedication of the Frank Shuman Solar Art Parklet

  • Designed by resident artist Nick Cassway, the Frank Shuman Solar Art Parklet is the first parklet to be created in Northeast Philadelphia. This seasonal outdoor space, built into the two parking spaces in front of the LAB, is dedicated to Tacony’s very own Frank Shuman – an pioneer of solar technology – and incorporates solar power directly into its design as it welcomes members of the community to consider the power of the sun as they read, socialize, and charge their mobile devices.
  • A solar art and screenprinting workshop will be held in the parklet. Make your own Frank Shuman t-shirt and celebrate clean energy and Tacony history!

A Fresco Exhibit

  • Over the past months, resident artist Mariel Capanna has held a series of free workshops in fresco painting to accompany the large fresco she is creating on Torresdale Avenue. Over 50 community members attended, learning about this ancient technique of painting and creating their own work. These will be exhibited, alongside frescos created in professionally-focused workshops Mariel held for local artists.
 Tours of the Torresdale Avenue Fresco
  • This mural – still in the process of being painted – celebrates the past, present and future of Tacony and was created by Mariel Capanna through a combination of archival research and conversations with community members. Lou Iatarola, the president of the Historical Society of Tacony, will give a “tour” of the mural and Mariel will demonstrate the ancient technique of fresco painting.

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