Dec 9, 2022 | 10:30am–11:30am EDT Past Event

Hank Gathers: The Legacy Continues

Mural Arts Philadelphia is pleased to present its newest mural Hank Gathers: The Legacy Continues, designed by Ernel Marinez and executed by lead assistant Mtukufu Mtumaini-El and several participants in the Guild Rec Crew. This new mural replaces the mural of Hank Gathers that Martinez painted in 2005. Resembling a collector’s card from the 1980s, the mural features a waist-up portrait of Gathers in his Loyola Marymount Lions uniform, along with an image of him passing the ball under his leg, a move for which he was well known. Sadly, Hank Gathers died way too early and never got a chance to play in the NBA, but if he did, this would have been the basketball card we’d all have collected.

MURAL BY: Ernel Martinez Assisted By: Mtukufu Mtumaini-El and Guild Rec Crew